About us

Tribe Baseball Club is a development program for the Springfield Kickapoo Baseball Club which serves southwest and south central Springfield Missouri. The purpose of the Tribe Baseball Club is to advance the development of future Kickapoo baseball players by giving them an avenue to play competitive baseball. Our goal is to develop and improve baseball skills as well as improve both knowledge and competence in an otherwise complex game.

Tribe Player and Parent Expectations

  1. Decisions on team placement, practice time, and practice location are the sole decision of the coaching staff.
  2. The Tribe organization does not allow for a player to be on a roster for any other team besides the Tribe, regardless of age division.
  3. To be a candidate on a Tribe team, players must live within the Kickapoo District.
  4. Competitive leagues: the teams will be placed in leagues that the head coach believes is most compatible with the skill level of his team as a whole.
  5. Decisions on playing time and positions are the sole decision of the head coach. No guarantees are made to any player about playing time or positions. Parents are asked to please refrain from expressing any negativity on this issue.
  6. Baseball is a priority; attendance at practices and games is critical. Head coaches must be notified about any absences. Coaches may be notified by phone, in person, or by e-mail (with 24 hour notice). Unexcused absences may result in loss of playing time or dismissal from the team.
  7. Whining, complaining, cussing, cursing, or any unsportsmanlike conduct (including throwing equipment, umpire abuse, and trash talking other teams) is not acceptable from players, parents, fans, or coaches. The coaches are ultimately responsible for player behavior. Parent behavior will be addressed by the Tribe Director. Parents are encouraged and empowered to help in this area when a coach is not present or aware of a situation that needs attention.
  8. The cost of participating in the Tribe for the 2016-2017 Baseball year is $1500. Payments can be made in four (4) equal installment of $375 with the first being due in September and the final payment due at the time uniforms are distributed. Your child does not get a uniform until the entire player fee balance is paid. There will be fundraisers throughout the year to help with player fees and to defray the additional costs of running this program which include, but are not limited to, coach’s salaries, field rental, league entry fees, tournament entry fees, uniforms, etc. Players and their parents are required to participate in these fundraisers.
  9. There are no refunds on monies paid to Kickapoo Tribe Baseball Club unless there is an injury that prohibits a player from participating for the remainder of a season. Any refund for injury will be prorated by the Tribe Board of Directors based upon the time spent within the organization prior to the injury.

Tribe Executive Committee

Bill O'Dell - Director
Anne Burdick
Jim Bingham
Brian Dixon
Bill Hoey
Greg Macchi

Tribe Team Parents

12U Gold – Elise Ellis and Brian Rice
12U Brown – Aaron Light

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